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If you or someone you know needs help to break free from addiction to drugs or alcohol, call our free advisory service at (508) 934-7179. As advisors associated with East Falmouth Drug Treatment Centers, we can help you locate and pair you with the right addiction treatment center to suit your personal needs. Our advisors may ask you some questions to help us determine which addiction treatment centers in our network will be best suited for your treatment needs. We may discuss things with you that include:

  • The type of drug being taken
  • How long the substance abuse problem has been happening
  • How much or what dosage was being taken
  • How severe the addiction is
  • Whether you're likely to experience dangerous withdrawal symptoms during detox
  • Your financial situation
  • The level of coverage your medical insurer provides
  • Whether you might have an undiagnosed or poorly treated mental health disorder that needs to be treated simultaneously

The primary reason our addiction advisors ask so many questions it to ensure you receive the right treatments for drug rehab in East Falmouth or rehabs within the surrounding area. Not all rehab treatment programs are the same, so it's important that you understand which options could provide the best benefits for your specific situation.

Take some time to compare your options before making a decision that could affect the results you hope to achieve. East Falmouth Drug Treatment Centers can connect you with the most suitable treatment program to help you get clean.

The 30 Best East Falmouth Best Drug Addiction Rehab Facilities

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Drug Rehab Facilities in East Falmouth

How East Falmouth Drug Treatment Centers Can Help

Most people really don't have much idea what happens in rehab. They might imagine a bunch of people sitting around in group meetings all day or picture over-the-top scenes of someone going through cold turkey withdrawals while writhing in agony.

The reality of what really happens in rehab is much less dramatic - and more effective.

The first step in any comprehensive addiction treatment program is the detox process. When you seek help from an addiction rehab center, you might be given certain prescription medications that can help ease the severity of any withdrawal symptoms. The objective is to make the detox process as manageable as possible.

When detox is complete, you will attend regular individual counseling and cognitive behavioral therapy sessions. The basis of therapy starts by working to identify some of the underlying psychological triggers and dysfunctional attitudes behind addictive substance use.

Therapy also works to help each person begin to develop their own individual relapse prevention strategy. The triggers and reasons behind each person's addiction are unique to them so the tactics needed to reduce the risk of relapse also need to be tailored accordingly.

Recovering people are also expected to participate in group therapy meetings regularly. Group meetings provide a level of peer support and can help provide incentive and motivation to stay sober.

Alongside the traditional therapies and counseling, most drug rehab centers incorporate a variety of alternative therapies into each program. The idea behind alternative therapies is to provide a range of options that teach recovering people healthy, natural ways to cope with cravings, deal with stress, and reduce symptoms of anxiety that can be common during the recovery process.

What Happens After Rehab?

Most people believe the graduating from rehab should mean the recovering addict is now somehow cured. However, treatment shouldn't end just because you've left rehab. The journey to addiction recovery is only just beginning and requires ongoing management to prevent relapsing.

A top-quality rehab center for addiction treatment in East Falmouth, for instance, should offer a comprehensive range of aftercare services. Addiction aftercare services are selected tools and resources designed to provide ongoing support throughout the recovery process. Some of the services available should include sober living or halfway homes, access to local group meetings, and contact with counseling and therapy sessions.

As advisors affiliated with East Falmouth Drug Treatment Centers, it's our aim to ensure you have the best opportunity to access to the types of treatments and therapies you need to get clean and stay sober over the long term.

If you're ready to regain control of your life and break free from a cycle of drug or alcohol abuse, call our free addiction advisory service today. Our experienced advisors at East Falmouth Drug Treatment Centers have access to a large network of top-quality rehab facilities.

We'll help you find the help you need so you can begin your journey to addiction recovery and learn to live a healthy, sober lifestyle. Call (508) 934-7179.

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